The Shiniest Firefly Gifts for Browncoats Across the 'Verse

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The title of ‘best Sci-Fi TV show’ has a lot of contenders, but it’s pretty obvious who would be near the top. The same show that would easily win the ‘shows that shouldn’t ever have been cancelled’ award. For no particular reason, we’re celebrating the genius series that is Firefly. Here you’ll find a great selection gifts and merchandise, the shiniest gifts and merch in the goram ‘Verse.

Firefly Box Set, £9/£13

Obviously you need to get the TV series if you don’t have it already. You can’t fully appreciate the glory of what Firefly has to offer until you’ve seen them all. Preferably in order, which is what Fox didn’t do back in the day. It’s only 14 episodes, sadly, but they are a glorious 14 episodes that you will enjoy. [Buy it on DVD here | Buy it on Blu-ray here]

Serenity, £2.90/£6

Unfortunately Firefly got cancelled, which was a travesty. It did get a bit of closure, however, thanks to the feature-length film that tied up some of the loose ends. It didn’t do well enough to warrant a sequel (sadly), but it’s a fantastic watch and an obvious essential for all fans. [Buy it on DVD here | Buy it on Blu-ray here]


Like any franchise beloved by geeks everywhere, there are plenty of Firefly t-shirts on sale. So many, in fact, that it would be impossible to list all the good ones. Still, here are some of the best: the logo of the Blue Sun corporation, Wash’s dinosaurs, the leaf on the wind (*sob*), a diagram of the Serenity, the Big Damn Heroes Independence flag, and a shiny-looking version of the Pepsi logo.

The Board Game, £45

There’s still no Firefly video game yet, but there is a board game where you can take control of your own ship and crew to make a name for yourself. Find yourself a job, any job that pays, and deal with all the problems they come with. The base game is available, along with about six different expansion packs that add more ships, features, and characters to the game.

If you can’t be dealing with these ‘pre-packaged games’, you can always try the Firefly role-playing game and it’s subsequent expansion books.

Firefly: A Celebration, £23

A massive book released for the show’s 10th anniversary, featuring a whole bunch of bonus material. There are scripts of aired and unaired episodes, interviews and essays from the cast and crew, rare behind-the-scenes images, headshots of the main cast, and a replica with one of the bank notes from the series. All contained in a leather book. [Buy it here]

Comic Spin-offs

Plenty of questions were left unanswered once Firefly and Serenity closed up shop, but the comics world has been there to help out. If you want to explore more adventures of the good ship Serenity, give these a read. You can choose from Those Left Behind (set between the TV series and the film), Better Days and Other Stories (also between TV and film, plus other short stories), The Sheperd’s Tale (a prequel, covering the backstory of Sheperd Book), and Leaves on the Wind (a sequel to the film).

Jayne’s Hat, £18

Man walks down the street in this hat, and you know he’s not afraid of anything. If that is an apt description of you, then this hat is the one you need to buy right now. It’ll get handy next month to keep your ears from getting numb when the weather starts to cool down. [Buy it here]

Toy Dinosaurs, £5

You know why you need these. Importantly it has the T-Rex and Stegosaurus you need to do it. [Buy it here]

Malcolm Reynolds Statue, £207

The Serenity’s rogue-ish captain is beloved by many, and the hardcore fans can buy a 1:6 scale statue of his likeness to put on display. He’s in full Browncoat gear, carrying the flag of the ill-fated Independence movement. It’s 17-inches tall, and was originally restricted to 1000 pieces. Hence the price. [Buy it here]

Serenity Cutaway Replica, £349

No true fan’s shelves would be complete without a replica model of the Serenity sitting on it, and if you’ve got the money this 1:250 scale replica is the one for you. You can even lift off the top and see the ship’s interior. [Buy it here]

If that’s too rich for your blood, try the slightly smaller version. It doesn’t open up, but it’s a lot more affordable. [Buy it here]

Vera, £278

This is a Callahan fullbore autolock, customised trigger and double cartridge thorough-gauge. There’s no guessing needed to work out why this is Jayne’s very favourite gun. Obviously this one isn’t real, it’s a replica prop. Still, you know you want it hanging up on your wall.

If that’s not to your liking, you can always spend an extortionate amount of money on an official replica of Mal Reynolds’ pistol.

Lootcrate: Firefly

Just a casual mention more than anything else, but geek-box subscription service Lootcrate does have a bimonthly Firefly-themed series that you can buy. Just head over to the website to sign up and find out more. The next one is focused on Wash, so make sure you don’t miss out on the series’ best character.

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