6 Actors Who Would be Perfect for Nathan Drake in an Uncharted Movie!byDarragh O’Connor

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Uncharted is a game franchise that has been with us for almost a decade and in those 10 years, we’ve gotten some really great games. 2016 saw the release of the highly-anticipated Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and everybody around the world seems to be more than pleased. Critics are giving amazing reviews and Uncharted seems to have delivered once again. One topic of discussion that has always been tossed around, is the idea of an Uncharted movie. There have been rumors, but nothing quite concrete. IMDb.com has a 2017 release date slated on their site, but that will surely change. I think if the upcoming Assassins Creed movie becomes a success then this movie will go ahead, ensuring the success of a game-to-movie adaptation. Who would play our beloved Nathan Drake? Let’s count down the top 6 people who could tackle the role!

5. Mark Wahlberg

First up on my list would be the confident, funny-man Mark Wahlberg. First and foremost, he’s got the appearance down to a tee. the hair-cut and beard make him look as if the game was based on him. He’s got the arrogant attitude to match Nathan Drake’s, but is it almost too arrogant? Sometimes I find him to be quite irritating in movies I watch him in, so that might be a problem for the extremely likable Nathan Drake, what do you guys think?

4. Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion is the 45 year old Canadian actor who you may recognize from the short, critically-acclaimed TV show, Firefly. In recent years, he’s been more active as a voice actor rather than a live action actor, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t portray a good Nathan Drake. The pair not only share the same first name, but they also bear a striking resemblance. Fillion would have to play an older Drake being 45, which could be similar to the Drake we see in Uncharted 4!

3. Chris Evans

It’s quite difficult to see Chris Evans as anybody else but Captain America, but the 34 year old actor has various convincing roles over the years, most notably the 2013 surprise gem, Snowpiercer.

His resemblance may not be quite as stark as Nathan Fillion’s, but you can’t deny that his witty charm and cheeky personality wouldn’t make for a fitting Nathan Drake! He wouldn’t be my number one choice, but I would be still pretty happy with this casting.

2. Zac Efron

The Bad Neighbours 2 star is an actor I’m waiting to see get his big break. Over the years he’s had some flops, some mediocre films but he’s still around. That means people are willing to see his movies even if they aren’t all that great. What this guy needs is a movie to put him on the map, and honestly, I could see him as a young Nathan Drake. Like Chris Evans, he’s got the wit, charm and likability to pull of the charismatic Nathan Drake, a young one in his twenties, maybe?

1. Bradley Cooper

In my eyes, this guy is the absolute perfect Nathan Drake in every single way. When you think about it, he’s got it all down! His voice is damn near exactly the same, he looks quite a lot like Nathan Drake and after all that, their personalities are identical! I can imagine Bradley Cooper in the dirty, muddy clothes swinging from vines in a forest and that needs to happen on the big screen.

My only withdrawal is that the games are almost like movies anyway, so I don’t know if we actually need a movie for Uncharted. But this is Hollywood we’re talking about and they’re probably going to make one. So if they do, then at least maybe they might pick one of these actors.

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