Some great TV shows just got canned

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If you’ve been following social media over the last 24 hours, there’s a chance you heard about your favorite show getting cancelled. Maybe it was ABC’s Agent Carter or Castle, or you really dug Nashville. The annual Upfront Week is coming up — the week where the major broadcast networks will sell the most coveted spots of airtime to potential advertisers. So, it’s always a week or two out from the Upfront where you get the firm confirmation if a show has been renewed or removed from television. It usually has to do with ratings, but even so, some shows generate fine numbers, but don’t pull in the advertising revenue networks would like. That’s when they get the axe.

For the geek world, there’s been some pretty big shakeups already.

Agents of SHIELD returns


Though it was speculated, ABC officially announced the end to Agent Carter’s adventures. I guess the we were ever going to see of her really was in Civil War. This, of course, has left fans of the show outraged, and crying foul at ABC, Disney, and Marvel. I’m sure an online petition is not far behind. Agents of SHIELD is coming back, though. So, it’s not like Marvel is saying goodbye to television. They’re just playing it safe.

Sadly, pop culture fans have to say goodbye to Nathan Fillion once more. Castle is being shut down. After eight seasons, the detective series is making way for greener pastures.

Once Upon a Time, sadly, is the only fantasy show that will be returning. Galavant has sung its swan song. But fear not, fans of the heroic musical adventure! There looks to be a stage show in the works.


Nerds, you can rejoice or riot to know that The Big Bang Theory is coming back for season 10. The show that has polarized the geek world for its highly accurate or grossly misused representation of the community is popular among everyone else, so it’s staying around.

Stephen King’s Under the Dome is crushed, the modern day Sherlock Elementary will be back, and there will be more NCIS than you can handle. Word is still out on the TV continuation of Limitless.

Oh, and as for Supergirl? CBS chose not keep Kara around, but that doesn’t spell the end for this Kryptonian survivor, and it’s moving to somewhere we’ll get to a little later.



Bob’s Burgers, Bones, Family Guy, Gotham, Lucifer, Scream Queens, and The Simpsons are all coming back. No word yet on Sleepy Hollow or The X-Files, yet. But if you are a show with a strong geek following on Fox not called Firefly, chances are you have a safe haven here.


Blacklist is back, which makes up for all the terrible James Spader-Ultron robot lips in Avengers 2. It’s a seriously great show that more people should watch, and thankfully NBC believes in it enough to have it return! Blindspot is back as well. The show has some weird elements for sure, but it’s gotten a little monster-of-the-day in season one. Hopefully things will pick back up with this renewal.

As any cannibal fan knows, Hannibal is gone for good, though there are talks of nearly everyone involved in the series wanting it to continue in some form. Heroes Reborn will not live to see another day, and Grimm is coming back.

Supergirl to CW

The CW

So, Supergirl. She’s heading on over to a new network to take a stand. The CW is bringing her home to what should just be renamed “The DC,” and season two of Supergirl will continue to air over here along with The Flash, Arrow, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

The 100 will be returning, along with pretty much everything else (Supernatural, every teen drama about vampires and long-dead queens, etc). Really, the only thing CW canned was America’s Next Top Model, which has already found a new home on VH1, and The Messengerswhich isn’t a surprise.

It’s always a rough time when shows get nixed, but there’s a host of great new things to look forward to! While not on the broadcast networks, comic fans can rejoice when Preacher finally takes life on AMC.  Cable is where it’s at, anyways. As for ABC, Marvel’s Most Wanted will will not be taking the place of Agent Carter after all. The Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter series has once again gone the way of the dodo.

Despite the cancellations, a slew of pilots have been ordered and you may be seeing these on a television set near you. Just not new Marvel ones, it seems. But something you may (or really, may not) be looking forward to is an all new, all different MacGyver, which is heading to CBS.

Fox has decided to bring back 24 (no one knows why, probably not even Fox) in the new Legacy series. They are also reviving a lot of old films into TV series, with Exorcist, and what will hopefully always be set during Christmas time: Lethal Weapon.

NBC is gifting me with a Blacklist spinoff starring the OG film version of Jean Grey, Famke Janssen. There’s also a Chicago Justice in the works, which would make four Chicago-based shows on the network: Fire, PD, med, and now this.


NBC will also be trying their hand at the branded superhero game, with DC’s Powerless. A workplace comedy about a bunch of regular joes who work at an insurance firm and have to deal with all the claims people file when superpowered beings destroy their property. It’s shaping up to be The Office meets the DC universe.

The CW will once again be cleaning up with the most geek-friendly shows. Archie and friends come to town in Riverdale. There’s a new sci-fi crime drama Frequency, plus something called Transylvania that sounds like another period piece that has no foundation in the actual time in which it’s set, but will make for juicy viewing. There’s also an untitled paranormal project and an untitled space show in the works.

Hopefully, some of these will make it to series, and will take the spots in your heart left open and hurting from the shows that were cut from next year’s line-up.

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