Castle Is About To Have A Big Firefly Reunion

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Another Fireflyreunion is coming to Castle!

TVLine reports that Jewel Staite will guest star on the ABC crime drama in the May 2 episode, “Much Ado About Murder,” as a Broadway director whose movie-star lead ends up being murdered. “There are some great scenes between her, Nathan [Fillion] and the boys,” showrunner Terrence Paul Winter said. “She came to play, she was really great.”

Hayley is keeping secrets in a new Castle clip

Staite previously played Kaylee, the “ever optimistic” mechanic on Firefly, the short-lived sci-fi series created by Joss Whedon about the crew of a small transport spaceship 500 years in the future. Castle’s Fillion played the ship’s “captain,” Malcolm Reynolds.

Staite is the latest in a string of Firefly alum to show up on Castle. Both Summer Glau and Adam Baldwin have also made Season 8 appearances on the show. Gina Torres has also come to play with Fillion and his detective crew.

Castle continues Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.

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